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Big Leap Towards Personalization

In previous topic I have discussed the tips on how to build trust and loyalty to your customers.  In this topic we will discuss another topic that could build your customer’s trust and loyalty.   Another way to increase loyalty and to convey trustworthiness to your customers is to provide a personalized content on your website.  Personalization means that the content of your site is based upon the personal preferences of your customer.   To site an example, when you register and made purchased on they made a record of your activity in their site, and each time you visit the site you are presented with a customized page based upon your prior purchases.

A personalized site “knows” your customer every time they visit to your site they are presented with new personalized content without having to enter any additional information from them.  With this your customers could develop a personal attachment toward the site.  This method of personalizing website content is a success because users do not have to anything to set it up, and customer would feel comfortable on this site that “knows” them.

Web Design Consistency Matters

Maybe you thought that your website is a statement of your personality or a canvass that should be filled with your artistic inspiration, and maybe you are correct on that assumption. A good website must reflect the spirit of a person or a business that it represents. A good website must also be artistic enough to appeal to the visitors, but not too much. Most of the web designs nowadays favored the fresh, elegant but with less combination of colors. But no matter what you choose on your web design, always remember that site consistency matters.

Website consistency refers to the reasonable or logical harmony between each part and each pages of your website. A consistent “look and feel” on your website conveys the image of professionalism, proficiency and reliability. Nobody would take your website seriously if you have different background color and different font in every page. A site with high consistency is also much easier for the users to navigate and it is much more natural for the website user to expect the meaning of links.

From a practical point of view, it is unwise not enforce a standard look and feel on the entire website. Inconsistent web design is a nightmare in terms of maintenance. Try to imagine reconstructing or maintaining a website that has different colors, fonts, plug-ins and other web elements across the numerous of Web pages within the site. It is a total disaster!

Building Customers’ Trust and Loyalty

Trust and loyalty is two most important characteristic that online business should seriously build unto its customers.  Trust and loyalty is the lifeline of any online business, without it your business would vanish before you could even renew your hosting account.  Building trust and loyalty...

$500 SEO Contest Deadline

The search index already reach at almost 100,000 of pages and 46 entrants with 52 blog entries already registered for the Claremont Design’s $500 contest. We decided to put a deadline on submission of blog entries so that we could finalize the entries. Remember if your entry or entries are not registered (not found on the table of valid entries) and in case it wins the first position or any winning position on the specific DC of the search engine mentioned on the contest rule then you will not be qualified to win any prizes. As the rule says only registered participants are qualified for any prizes.

Claremont Design $500-SEO Competition 2009

Claremont Design, provider of high quality web designs, ecommerce and SEO services with LA Toy Store, leading distributor of different kinds of toys ( wooden toys, autism toys, therapy toys and other special toys for children) would like to announce today the $500.00 search engine...

Why our Service is Far Better?

Do you know why our services are far better compared to other web design company existing today? It is because we build websites that possessed the quality it needs to become very competitive online. We believe that your success is our success. We will guide you in every step of the way to achieve your goals. Our talented people behind Claremont Design are highly competent and skilled. They are carefully chosen so that we only provide the best talents to touch every single element of your web ventures. We always make sure that life will be easy for you so that you could concentrate on things that you really do best, which is doing business.

Our highly customizable content management systems (CMS) allow you to manage it easily without our aid. We can also provide a marketing campaign for your websites to boost traffic – SEO services.

SEO Services with Claremont Design

As part of the continous service of Claremont Design to companies to bring their business online, SEO or search engine optimization is part of the services that the company can provide to your organization. We can design your website and e-commerce  then promote it through...

Welcome to Claremont Design!

Welcome to Claremont Design's website! Here you will find the latest news about the happenings and events inside Claremont Design plus some tips on how to start your business its online presence with our help. We are dedicated and determined to provide services that will...