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Website Maintenance Issues

Maintaining a website is a fact of life, a part of a web development cycle. This means that maintenance can begin as soon after the website goes online. Maintaining a website is quite different than maintaining application software. There are some special...

Get Your Website Optimized

You built a nice website that cost you a few dollars, sent emails and newsletters, bought directory and other stuffs like that, yet you still seem invisible in the cyberworld. As discussed in previous post, visibility is important in the success of online business....

Web Pages Must Live Forever

Online marketing is growing in such a fast pace and everyone seems to be jumping into internet marketing bandwagon. Lot of people wanted to build a commercial internet site and reap huge fortune out of it. Reaping huge fortune online is a reality....

Things to Avoid in Designing a Website

Designing a website is not easy as some may think it involves more than just picking appropriate colors, putting in heavy-loaded contents and embed state-of-the-art flashy plug-ins.  Adding in a little of that and a little of these, putting in a swirl of a magic wand that provides great color and lots of animated graphic doesn’t make your website standout.  In designing a website there are things that we have to do and to avoid as well.  On this article I will share to you the things you must avoid in designing a website.

1.  Using Cutting-edge Technology. Sure, the latest and the most advance thing are cool to see but you but always remember that some (or maybe most) your visitors do not have the latest version of browsers or plug-ins installed in their system to view your site.  Always make sure that your site would run and viewed on a minimal system.

2.  Anything That Looks Like Advertising. Since the World Wide Web is a jungle full of advertisement, Web users are becoming annoyed and wary advertising.  According to research on Web traffic, Web users have learned to stop paying attention to Web advertisement.  Make sure to avoid designing any legitimate information in a manner that looks like advertising such as banner, animation, and pop-ups.