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Building Customers’ Trust and Loyalty

Building Customers’ Trust and Loyalty

Trust and loyalty is two most important characteristic that online business should seriously build unto its customers.  Trust and loyalty is the lifeline of any online business, without it your business would vanish before you could even renew your hosting account.  Building trust and loyalty is like building an indispensable portfolio.

In order for your site to become the “preferred site” for your clients, they must feel the site and their data is secure.  There are many ways that the design of the site can convey the sense of trustworthiness to its customers.  Just like a saying goes “Trust is earned not bought,” customers trust is built from the positive and pleasant experiences interacting with the site.

According to Jakob Nielsen, a web design guru, web designers can convey trustworthiness in a Website in the following ways:

  1. Quality Design: A Website that has a professional appearance and comprehensible navigation conveys respect for customers and implied a promise of good service.
  2. Correct, Reliable and Up-to-Date Content: Having up-to-data content conveys a commitment to provide users with the most up-to-date information.  Information posted must be correct and reliable, otherwise it could promote distrust.
  3. Up-front disclosure: Disclose all necessary fees, warranties and policies in clear and concise manner.  This could help to convey an open and honest relationship.
  4. Be connected to the rest of the Web: Having linkage to other websites is a sign of confidence and credibility.  A site that is isolated would feel like it may have something to hide.

In addition to what is mentioned above, protecting the customers’ entrusted data will be a significant factor for promoting a trustworthy image.  A site that is trusted by its customers is a site that is worth all the loyalty the customer has to give.  Trust and loyalty always goes hand in hand.  Loyalty is a product of trust, with trust there loyalty.  Failure to consider the issue of trust is a big indicator that web design is doomed to fail too.


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