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SEO Event

SEO Contest 2010 from Claremont Design

Official and Final Result: 1. Zick Roman 2. Ronley 3. Wongsableng 4. Zick Roman Result as of April 17, 12:00 noon Philippine Time Wait for our email for information with regards to claiming your prizes. Thank you for the participation and watch out for the next SEO contest, I will announce...

$500 SEO Contest Deadline

The search index already reach at almost 100,000 of pages and 46 entrants with 52 blog entries already registered for the Claremont Design’s $500 contest. We decided to put a deadline on submission of blog entries so that we could finalize the entries. Remember if your entry or entries are not registered (not found on the table of valid entries) and in case it wins the first position or any winning position on the specific DC of the search engine mentioned on the contest rule then you will not be qualified to win any prizes. As the rule says only registered participants are qualified for any prizes.

Claremont Design $500-SEO Competition 2009

Claremont Design, provider of high quality web designs, ecommerce and SEO services with LA Toy Store, leading distributor of different kinds of toys ( wooden toys, autism toys, therapy toys and other special toys for children) would like to announce today the $500.00 search engine...