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Choosing Right Domain For Your Website

Choosing Right Domain For Your Website

Having a quality web design for your online store is good, but having a design is just a first step in the ladder. The next step is to publish it online, and to do that you have to select first the domain name that would represent your website. A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet, based on the Domain Name System (DNS). A domain name is also known as the website URL or uniform resource locator. It is a unique name that would represent your website in the vast cyberspace.

Selecting the right domain name for your website is one of the most important business decisions you can make. It is crucial to choose the best domain name suited for your business if you want to attract quality traffic to your website. The domain name or URL will not only be the face of your website or business on the web, it also identifies the path for web search engines to find your site. Choosing the right domain name needs the same amount of care and consideration as you do in the actual web design process itself.

Here are some tips on choosing a right domain name that would represent your website in the cyberspace.

  1. Choose a short and easy to spell domain name.
    Simplicity is the keyword here. It does no good to have a website, if no one can find you because your domain name is too difficult to spell or too long to remember. Although, you are allowed to have a domain name up to 67 characters, but you have to keep in mind that your customer need to remember your domain name. Be practical and use short and easy to remember domain name.

    Avoid using cute names as well. You may think it’s cool to have a domain name spelled “fenikz” instead of Phoenix, but your target customer may not be able to find your website because of the misspelled name.

  2. Choose the right extension for your domain name.
    There are so many different extensions you could choose from. If your website is an online business the best option is the .com extension. The “.com” is the most popular domain name extension. Most people will try .com first whenever they are searching for a website. Unless your website has a special purpose, try to register a “.com”. If you are in education, the “.edu” extension is the best suitable for your website. If your site is geared towards providing information, then “.info” could be the best choice. However, in most cases, a .com will be a good choice.

    Other available extensions are the “.org”, “.net”,”.biz”,”.tv” and a lot more. You may also use the country extensions such as “.us” for United States, “.uk” for United Kingdom and others are available on the internet.

  3. Make your domain name it relevant to your content.
    Your domain name is not necessarily had to be your company’s name, but it much better if it is. But incase that your company’s name is not available to be your domain name, choose other name that could be representative of it in some way.

    Try to keep your domain name descriptive and relevant to your content. Make it to the point that if someone reads it or hears it, they would immediately have some general idea of what is your website all about. For instance, your website is selling toys and your business is located at Los Angeles area, it is smart to have a domain name. It is suggestive and intuitive. This helps your potential customer easier to find you when searching for what you are offering.

  4. Avoid using hyphen ( – ), underscore ( _ ) and numbers.
    Hyphen, underscore and numbers are valid characters in naming a domain. But practicality will tell you that is not clever to use them. Imagine a domain name, it is a valid domain but it has a very high possibility that your potential customer will end up typing According to research, most people don’t type hyphen, underscore or number in the URL.

Remember that your chosen domain name for your online business will be the first impression that the customer will have. Your website will be highly dependent on your web hosting and domain registration, so do not take the selection of domain name for your online business lightly at all.

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