Claremont Design | Claremont Design $500-SEO Competition 2009
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Claremont Design $500-SEO Competition 2009

Claremont Design $500-SEO Competition 2009

Claremont Design, provider of high quality web designs, ecommerce and SEO services with LA Toy Store, leading distributor of different kinds of toys ( wooden toys, autism toys, therapy toys and other special toys for children) would like to announce today the $500.00 search engine optimization competition for 2009.

Leaderboard (03/22/2009)

Here are the rules / mechanics of this search engine optimization challenge:

  1. Start date is 1st of March 2009 (Sunday 12:00 noon Philippine Time).
  2. End date of the contest is 3rd of May 2009 (Sunday 12:00 noon Philippine Time)
  3. On your blog, simply create an article about the key phrase or just about anything, but optimize it so that it becomes the top Google search result for the contest key phrase. (see key phrase below). The article should not contain or should not mention about it as a SEO contest. Indented listings or results are not counted on the rankings.
  4. Your blog/s DOMAIN or SUB-DOMAIN used for the entries should not contain any part of the key phrase.
  5. The entries should have a visible link back to this website and LA Toy Store. Use the code below for the valid link code to be embedded on your entry posts or you can revise it as long as it follows the required URL/Anchor Text/Title of the links.

    The code will look like this:

    Claremont Design + LA Toy Store

  6. There is NO limit on the number of entries/post you may make and submit but only articles posted on or after March 1, 2009 are valid and as long as the post contains the link code specified on the rules.
  7. To register, leave a comment here with your entry/entries or you can send your entries to claremontdesign @ gmail . com. I will provide a place to list valid entries for the contest so check it at [ List of Valid Entries ].
  8. No pornography, no discrimination and no illegal behavior are permitted.
  9. Only registered entrants and valid entries are eligible to compete and win the prize.
  10. The prizes for the said competition are as follows:


    $300 for Rank #1

    $150 for Rank #2

    $50 for Rank #3

  11. Prizes will be sent via PAYPAL.


You can check your current ranking via


12. Required links should be on the entry post all through out the competition and should not be removed. The organizer and the host of the competition have the rights to disqualify a participant if they find the links  removed or tagged by the entrants as NOFOLLOW during the competition.

Note: To encourage us to conduct more of this competition, we advice that the entry posts should stay even after the competition. Thank you!


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