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Double ranking shots and SEO

Double ranking shots and SEO

The main part of optimizing a site is to make it searchable via the different search engines. Google for example, Google wants to bring results that are significant and applicable. In a search for “horses”, your site on boots might have a very relevant page and it might even be an central page. However your overall site is not as pertinent to horses as some others. In a search for “leather”, however, you probably have thousands of much related pages, giving Google plenty to choose from.

Double listings on Google’s search results pages can give your website additional exposure and more traffic. When Google finds several results from the matching website, the most relevant upshot is listed first, with other relevant pages from that site that can be found below.

Simple logic your website will get more clicks and more visitors if it is listed twice in the top 10 results. Just make sure your website is about a specific topic. “Objects” is too broad, unless you want people searching for “Objects” to find you.
Maintain a web page that by now has a top 10 ranking for that keyword. If you do not know how to get top 10 rankings on Google for your keywords use tools that can achieve this like click boosters etc. Create another web page on the same area that associates to the first web page that has the top 10 ranking. Optimize the second page for the same keyword as page one but use different content.

Be sure to link from the first page to the second page by using your keyword phrase in the anchor text when searching. Get inbound links for the second page. Take note that the key word searches depends on the outputs of other websites and there is competition for the keyword, a few high-quality links can be enough to get the indented result.
Content is very important. If you have plenty good content, developed by having a single theme, and webmasters want to link to it, double listings are very possible in this manner. Again the rule of thumb is to get more chances for visitors to visit your web site.

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