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Driving The Traffic to Your Search Engine Friendly Web Site

Driving The Traffic to Your Search Engine Friendly Web Site

One of the most important things that one needs to consider in maintain a web site is that it should be reader friendly and most importantly search engine friendly. The first thing you should see to it is that a search engine possesses software can only read text. Although flash and images are contributors to a good website layout, design and informational content. Written text is crucial.

Some search engines have the basic capacity to scan a Flash file, you cannot assume that this ability is complicated enough to gain all the information you want them to have. The search giant Google can do just that-scanning images. The site can only extract simple links embedded in the file. And certainly no search engines now present can view an image file or video and establish and read the text that it contains.

The most important consideration you whenever you try to include video, frame. Images or the like is that you should write content for each of these non-text elements to describe, elaborate or point them. A brief description of what your image really shows or a content that shortly explains the image is very appropriate.

When designing your website, create your website more easy to get to for blind and other visually impaired visitors and you will also harvest the side advantage of making your site more search-engine friendly. – L.A. SEO

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