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Effective Website Promotion through Forum Posting

Effective Website Promotion through Forum Posting

Forums and online communities are great tool in promoting website. Forums can be a great place for interacting with people of the same mindset and same interest. Forum posting one of the effective methods you can employ to support your online marketing campaign. Forums are a good place to advertise a website for free and build quality backlinks.

Well established forums have large number of members. You can get direct referrals and leads from these forums by building good relationship and reputation to the members of the forum. It can also drive traffic from your forum posting through your signature. If you post count is high, it can drive a lot of traffic to your site as well. But, forum moderators and members detest spamming. You can be kick-out or banned in a forum if your post are too spammy. Planning, subtlety, and sincerity are some of the things you need practice when you want to harvest good result from forums.

Here’s three ways on how effectively promote your website through forum posting:

  1. Establish Good Reputation

    Don’t directly sell your product in forum. The fastest way you can be banned and turn people against you in a forum is to post blatant product advertisements. People participate in forums to connect with like-minded people and share relevant information, not to be sold something. You have to be subtle, instead of selling your product establish a good reputation and relationship to fellow members first.
    Browse existing topics and choose ones you are familiar with, and it will be much better if it is related to your target niche. Participate in discussion and wait for good opportunities to share your expert knowledge. This way, you will gain the respect of the community and start to establish yourself as “expert”. If you have established a good reputation and people find you interesting, they are more likely to click the link found on your signature

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  3. Attach a signature file to all of your posts
    Every time you sign up for any forum, add your URL to the signature field. Avoid using gaudy text and large images for your signature this could annoy a lot of forum members. There are forums who don’t allow you to place electronic signature on your profile unless you meet a certain number of post, this may take a little while but patience is a virtue as they say.
  4. Practice Netiquette
    Practicing proper behavior is important in forum as it is in the physical world. Different forums have different set of rules and of what is acceptable and what is not. Generally, here are the things you should avoid when you are posting in forums.

    • Avoid profanity. Using vulgar word is a no-no, although this might be acceptable in some forums. Always remember that you are establishing reputation, it isn’t professional and you can offend potential customers

    • Don’t write your post in ALL caps. Words that are written in all caps are considered YELLING. It will offend and annoy your readers.

    • Don’t be a “Know-It-All.” Don’t act as if you are better than anybody. Share your opinion and views in discussion in a way that doesn’t make you look arrogant.

    • Never spam! Don’t post the same thing on hundreds of different forums. This is a waste of your valuable time and can also get you into a lot of trouble. Spamming is the easiest way to get you banned in forums.
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