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Facebook as Online Marketing Tool

Facebook as Online Marketing Tool

Social networking websites are becoming more and more popular each day. They are getting traffic like a wildfire in the summer, and the star among the social networking websites is no other than the Facebook. As of December 2 this year, Facebook hit the 350 million users worldwide.

Generally, social networking websites like Facebook is primarily used in connecting people. It serves as social utility in connecting with family, friends, finding lost acquaintances, finding new friends and establishing new relationships. Aside from being a great social networking website, Facebook is also a great as online marketing tool.

You might be asking, why? Because Facebook is so popular. Everyone who knows how to use internet and has internet connection has, one time in their netsurfing life, had used and still using Facebook. According to Nielsen Online users spent an average of 5 hours, 46 minutes on Facebook in the month of August this year. That triples the amount of time people spent on Google. From April 2008 to April 2009, total minutes spent on Facebook increased from 1.7 billion minutes to 13.9 billion minutes – an annual growth rate of 700 percent. This number is staggering and it makes online marketers droll.

With over 350 million users and still continuing to grow, Facebook is the place to market. If your online business is targeting the 18 to 25 demographic, social networking sites like Facebook is the best online tool to drive traffic to your website. The website has already a huge numbers in terms of traffic, and it provides tools necessary in marketing your products.

Facebook is also a great SEO tool. It is a good place to begin your SEO campaign. It is free, simple to implement, and it gets your company’s name out to hundreds of people at a time. By simply creating a Facebook account for your company, you obtain a page dedicated to your business for anyone to view. It would be like having a new website, plus you can link back to your site in a legitimate way that won’t get you banned from Google.

A Facebook page is also indexed by the search engines and it’s available to people that are not in Facebook. That is one powerful tool on Facebook to generate traffic. You can also promote your blog in the bulletin board, if you have interesting post in the bulletin board that will direct your readers to continue the reading at your site.
The secret here is to add more friends. The more friends you have, the more people you can share your profile with. The more friends you have, the more people can see the link of your website on your profile this could generate more traffic that will eventually turn to sales. At the moment the maximum friends limit in Facebook is 5,000. If you maximize that limit, it means that you have 5,000 more potential customers.

Another great tool that you can use in Facebook is the ability to let you add applications in your profile page. With it you can add games and other applications in your profile page, which can be great in attracting other people to visit your profile page.

For some, Facebook is a time-waster. But for many Facebook is a stress-relief. It provides a little time to escape reality, which we need from time to time to remain sane in this crazy life. And to online marketers and SEO, Facebook is a powerful tool in promoting online business.

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