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Generating Traffic with Article Writing

Generating Traffic with Article Writing

Traffic is lifeblood of any online business, without traffic your business is DEAD. No matter how sophisticated is your website or how wonderful the products or services you are offering, it is all for nothing unless you have a visitor that would view them. No traffic, no visitor. No visitor, no purchase. No purchase, no income. No income, no business. It is as simple as that. But you have to know that traffic are not created equal. There are what we called the high quality traffic and the low quality traffic. Low quality traffic such as guaranteed traffic, exit traffic, pop-up traffic, or pop-under traffic generally produces very low returns. Low quality traffic can also hurt your bounce rate. Meanwhile, the high quality traffic are the traffic that lingers on your site, they are good boosts to your conversion rate. And the question is, where you could get high quality traffic?

One of tested source of high quality traffic is article-writing and article submission. A well-written article can do wonders in driving traffic to your website. With article writing and submission, you will write articles related to the topic of the product or services you are offering, and then submit these articles to various article directories. The article directories then will publish your articles, and other webmasters and bloggers can publish your articles on their web sites and in their ezines and online newsletters. This could result to a snowball, which is really good for your website.
Do not forget to put a link back to your website when you are submitting or publishing articles. The links you place in your articles will serve as the gateway for the potential client. When an interested customer reads your article, they can click to your site through a link you will place at the end or within your article. By this method, the reader will be directed to your web site, which is the perfect way to promote your product.

If you could write at least 10 articles per week and submit it to several publications and article directories, you will not only increase your traffic but it will also help in your SEO effort to have higher search engine ranking. High search engine rank can also assure you of more traffic to your website. More traffic, more visitors. More visitors, more purchases. More purchase, more profit. It is as simple as that.


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