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Importance of Website Visibility

Importance of Website Visibility

Visibility is vital. For a small online business, and on any business, visibility is very important. If your potential clients, don’t know who you are and where you are, you should expect downfall. A beautifully designed website will become a useless piece of artistic canvass if nobody will see it. Having a beautiful website is great, but without traffic and website visibility, it will not do any good with your business. Attract potential clients by making them “see” you.

When operating an online business, search engines are your ally, they are your secret weapon. Every second, there are millions of potential clients typing in words or phrases in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines looking for a particular product or services. And every time your website appears at the top of list when a particular word or phrase if searched, you’ve got a 90% possibility of converting that search into a sale. But with billions of websites competing for clicks, it is easy to get lost in the jungle of websites in the midst of the vast cyberspace.

The competitive nature of small business, especially online, requires an established web presence, and it should be established sooner rather than later. If your competitor does it first, it could cost you potential business. A professional looking website that is visible to potential customer is the ultimate marketing tool. It can reach customers in a way that cannot be matched by traditional advertising (print and broadcast media, billboards, fliers, etc), and it is also cost effective. Paying for package that includes website design, hosting, maintenance and optimization would only cost a fraction in comparison to the cost for a small space in a daily newspaper or a 15-seconds ad in local TV.

Website visibility is an excellent and tangible way to guarantee that those customers looking for your goods and services find your site. You can learn to do this by yourself, there many materials available on web to help learn or seek help from one of the SEO services catering to small business like ClaremontDesign.

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