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Is Your Website Ready For Google Caffeine?

Is Your Website Ready For Google Caffeine?

Google Caffeine is the new Google search algorithm that is focused on faster, more relevant search and to better deal with fast updated information from services i social and viral media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. With Caffeine, Google promises that this new search tool will improve the speed, accuracy, size, and comprehensiveness of Google search.

Matt Cutts, Google Senior Software Engineer, announces on his blog that the full Caffeine roll out will happen after the holidays. In addition, Matt Cutts tells that the ordinary users won’t be able to tell the difference and even those who tested out the public test site hardly noticed any difference in results. But, definitely, there will be a lot of changes when it comes to SERP.

Any changes in Google algorithm should not be taken lightly because it would surely affect the rankings as well. How much and to what extent is the effect of this changes only the Google know. The simple fact is that no one except Google knows what the update will do. Some webmasters says that there’s no way to prepare your site for it, but I disagree. Although, we may not be able to fully prepare for the changes but we could do some precautionary preparations.

Here are some suggested precautionary preparations we could do to our websites:

  1. Check your website/webpage download time. Google are looking in more detail at the overall experience that they are providing searchers with. Slow loading sites frustrate visitors. There is nothing more frustrating that clicking on a link to visit a website which takes an age to load. Frustrated visitors look elsewhere for their needs. They will either back click, or close the search altogether. As such, slow loading sites are expected to return poorer rankings. While the fast loading pages enhance user experience. They allow visitors to easily explore your website, gather information, and make an informed decision. Google is all for customer satisfaction, what’s good for your visitors is good for Google.

    Perform some manual checking of your websites in different browsers. If it is slow for you, definitely it will be slow for your prospective visitors.

  2. Check for broken links. Google crawls the website by moving through the links on a web page. Broken links could have negative impact on how your site continues to rank in Google or it may not affect at all. But it would surely affect your visitors surfing experience. It would be a good precautionary measure to run regular checkup to make sure that every internal and external link leads to a live page.

  3. Provide fresh and updated quality content. Whatever the changes is, content is always the king when it comes to search engine ranking. Google always favor websites that provides quality content. Keep your content fresh and updated, as logic will dictate, a site that doesn’t have fresh content is either out of date or has been abandoned. One of the goal of new Google algorithm is to provide accurate user friendly search result, if you could provide that, then you are ready for the Google Caffeine.

  4. Quality links. The importance of quality links is not a news flash. Every webmaster and SEO knows the importance of quality links, but many are neglecting its importance. The “old” Google has been giving better weighing to high quality links for some time now. However, based on test of Caffeine this summer, high quality alone won’t be the only important factor.

Emphasis should, and probably will be placed, on high quality links that are relevant to the site’s niche. Avoid the bad neighborhood, or the sites that are known for spamming. Google abhor spamming.

Outbound links to the websites that are relevant to your site also gain weight, and should be emphasized. After all, it provides the best possible user experience, for both Google and the visitors of your site. Once again, the goal of Caffeine is to provide accurate user friendly search result. What’s good for your visitor is good for Google. What is good for Google is good for you.

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