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Page Structure Planning, Do it the Right Way

Page Structure Planning, Do it the Right Way

Every website has its own proper structure to follow; this would determine the right and the all processed of the site. Structure planning is very important to have a goal in developing the website this is the most helpful way of giving the site a good and proper way of developing. The reason why you should opt for a flat directory is because it prevents the search engine from deep crawling on your site. So when a search engine visits your website, it is set in a way that the crawl coming to your site has depth and significance. For example, if you have a new website, the search engine might crawl to a depth of 2 and for this case, online the vertical page structure above Page 3 of them 1 is indexed by the search engine while the other pages might become non-existent in the eyes of the engine.

Right structure planning help also in determining the ranking of the site in the web, upon giving the site a proper way of pushing it to become on the top it means that what you are doing is proper when it gains a high rank in every post you make. Another thing you know that you’re planning structure is effective when who search your key words the answers provided that you will see comes from your post.

Linking to the sitemap from every page of thee site, you will notice the effect of interlinking of one page to another. With this, the search engine can easily crawl on every page of the site. Having a flat directory on the other hand could give all of your site’s pages the opportunity to receive crawls. When your site get crawl easily you have a high opportunity to rank. After the website is designed, the next thing to do is create a sitemap which provides a link leading to all the site’s pages. With this, the search engine or search can skip from one page to another of the website.

We can’t say that this plan is the most perfect because some people think that after having a sitemap, they disregard the importance of a page structure, which is terribly wrong. You have to remember that search engines crawl only to certain depth, automatically disregarding the sitemap as the webpage becomes greater compared to the maximum crawl depth.

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