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Protecting Company Logo with Copyright

Protecting Company Logo with Copyright

Our web design business is what keeps our money moving, this is one of the most important part of our lives that we get into hard work to make it prosper and be more competitive compared to other business. Staying on the top makes you proud and confident, but sometimes those who are behind us keeps pulling us down just to get their selves on the top, but of course nobody wants to lose their business. In today’s competitive world, a business logo is very important to make people identified your business brand. In safeguarding your logo from plagiarism or trademark infringement, is one of the essential step that you can make to protect your business brand identity.

First, we should determine what copyright protection to trademark protection is. These are the two things we always get into confusion because people think they are the same but actually they are not. The copyright protects the logo whereas trademark defends the logo and slogan used in the marketing campaign.

The US copyright office mandates that copyright shelter may be usable for logo artwork that has sufficient paternity and this means logos which are designs of commonly symbols like variations in fonts cannot be protected by copyright laws. Your logo must have sufficient authorship; this simply means that the logo should have a certain degree of creativity and innovativeness attached to it so that it will not have a duplicate.

To ensure the copyright protection for your logo, consider these tips:

Copyright Protection

Be careful in marking your logo as a copy right material of your business to avoid mistaken identity. Others are ignorant enough not to realize the difference of the two identical logos. This will help you to warn other businesses or individuals about consequences of deliberate copying of your business logo not only for the mean time but also even in the future.

Joint ventures:

Participating in joint ventures or collaboration with another company then you should agree or clear certain things in advance such as who will take charge of the logo if one partner leaves the company.

Register your company logo:

You should register your company’s logo and other work like promotional material that you want to secure against fraud with the copyright services. It is advisable to make registration even before the launch of the company because this process only requires you to fill up few forms.

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