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Securing SEO Ranks

Securing SEO Ranks

After all the efforts you have made in your objective to be on top of the ranks it is another job for you to monitor and secure your rightful place. This means that your website must be protected at all times against pirates and marauders. Who in any way will constitute an attack just to kick you off the rank 1 stage? Page rank is important because it entails the traffic you so wanted.

PageRank is a mathematical algorithm developed by Larry Page. It takes into explanation the significance of sites that refer to your website’s links as well as how many outside links from other important sites you position; it merge these measurements with how links are worded as well as where the links place, and equates it to a numerical ranking of how your site measures up to others within its keyword targets.

The secret of Google’s algorithm is that it is completely subjective; it is based on the class of links to and links from your site. The page rank of the site is just as much value as your site and you have no control over this vote of assurance.

Spammers, scammers and hackers also care about search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking on search engine results pages. Today players use social networking sites to help your SEO efforts hackers and phishers also use them. Phishing is a devious process of obtaining personal information. And oftentimes their web sites they attack are those who engage in business.

One example is the Koobface worm, a virus that infects your computer with extremely vicious malware, Recent reports that it target social networking sites. Hackers use a message offering a video, and then send you to a site to download a bogus multimedia player. It’s during that download the worm contaminates your computer.

There is difficulty in operating an online business, there’s a lot you need to be worry about. Taking advantage of reliable tools and services is a good suggestion to keep safe your site.

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