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SEO Ethics and Fair Marketing

SEO Ethics and Fair Marketing

Since the dawn of the search engine optimization fiasco, there have been changes in the approach to marketing via using the internet and making web sites as a stable platform for presenting products. Gone are the days where door to door marketing or even direct selling approaches are used. The salesmanship of a product or services are now done in the most viable and effective way- the internet way.

One of the mainstream of using the internet as a marketing tool is to promote the product and services by making it more available in search engines. One has search a product or service simply by typing certain keywords in the search bar and then voila’ a multitude of site pop up and opens, list and directories for the same and available products floods the screen. This challenges the web site owners or the businessmen to make their web site more appealing and more “searchable” in the net.

But the high profits and lucrative nature of the marketing and sales phenomena enables thinkers and web site designers to resort to some unconventional and even more unethical ways of web marketing
Unethical techniques and approaches, methods and imagery are more rampant in websites. This methods may offer short term results and turnouts but this methods will eventually place your site at ruthless danger of being castigated or penalized and oftentimes completely banned from major search engines companies or site.

Majority of the mostly used tricks are:

  • Use of”link-farms” or -for-All (FFA) pages -a link farm are group of web sites that connects to every other site in the group most of them are created through automated programs and services. A link farm is a form of spamming.
  • Use of automatic Submission Program/Software for Site Submittal- This powerful software gives you the ability to submit your website to millions of search engines, awards sites, FFA sites and ad sites
  • Misleading Keywords or Content- is simply misrepresentation of products or service. A plain and simple deceit.

Others yet develop a more advance form of unethical approaches to marketing. As for some, still ethic in internet marketing is highly regarded since doing business with people, and this should be considered. Humanistic and more morally standards are employed by some companies. And if i were to choose my provider i should certainly consider the ones that do business ethically.

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