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The Importance of Checklist in your Website

The Importance of Checklist in your Website

A checklist is an important way to replace or reinstall your website and it gives you an on-going business archive of your website and the changes made to it throughout the year. A few minutes won’t hurt to have a few minutes to back up your website in DVD. If you have time, it is best to have copy bi-annual or annual back-ups. Inspecting and updating the old dates is also necessary for the time references in each year. It is better if you can replace the last years date on your website, better yet spend a few extra minutes now to program your website to update all dates and time references automatically so that you won’t need to manually update them in the future.

Domain names must be always be look and be watch, this is where you will know if when they will get expire, through this you will get ready to the things u should do before that date comes. Check also if the one you registration information for your domain name up to date and correct. By keeping your domain name registration contact information fresh and correct especially all email contacts you will be sure to receive timely notices or announcements and also renewals and you will be better able to manage and maintain your domain name effectively and efficiently.
The company contact information that it is in your website must be all check. All the numbers, email addresses should be double cheeked for them to be up to date and correct so double check that all email addresses listed on your site route to the correct person at your company.

Tracking up visitors will ensure your website is in good business. Link verification must be also done, whether they are internal or external links on your website and broken links are a sure sign of a neglected and out of date website. It will give you a website chaos and frustration if the links are not properly make all are working and up to date also test your website forms by pretend you are a customer or potential customer on your website and complete and submit each form on your website. By this your website will be in good condition and you will know what is needed and what is not, this will serve as your inventory in the whole year of what your website is doing.

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