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The Influence Of Social Media Optimization In Search Engine Marketing

The Influence Of Social Media Optimization In Search Engine Marketing

Nowadays, social media optimization (SMO) becomes important ingredient in SEO and SEM campaigns. Many websites have received enormous ranking authority from top search engines because of their excellent SMO campaigns. In this article, we will explain the influence of SMO on search engine marketing.

Whether you like it or not the Social Media Optimization is the “today” and the future of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It just maybe a trend, but it is a trend that would stay for a long haul. So, you would either go with the flow or be left behind.

Online marketing has always relied upon exposure in the search engines to drive targeted traffic into the website. Majority of the visitors which eventually turns out as customer directed to your site via search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. In the past, getting exposure was based upon the development of the website and generating backlinks pointing to your site. Although, the old school SEO is still very important, the social media optimization has changed the warzone of search engine marketing.

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace are just few social networking sites that grew rapidly in past few years. These social networking sites have millions of subscribers that spent time on the site, and they are getting traffic like a wildfire in the summer. The search engines have increased ranking authority to these sites, giving them control of a significant amount of search territory.

In the past, Google keep a separate search platform for blogs, videos, news, and similar types of “social” content. Each functioned as a separate search engine with its own set of organic listings. But few years ago, Google made a major change on its search algorithm which blends the organic listings of each platform into a system called Universal Search. The two other major search engines, Yahoo! and MSN (now Bing) follow the same system. Universal Search is now used as the primary index. This means that the blogs, videos, and news have been incorporated into natural listings. The Universal Search made a major impact that pushed many sites off the first page. This is one of the reasons social media optimization has become a critical piece of search.

As of last year, Google embarks on a new search algorithm which they called Google Caffeine. The Caffeine an algorithm, that is focused on faster, more relevant search and to better deal with fast updated information from services in social and viral media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This change has made social media optimization more vital in website optimization and promotion.
In addition, social media optimization helps preserves your current natural listings while helping you to gain even more search exposure. By utilizing blogs, videos, and social media sites can help you can capture a greater number of organic positions and valuable traffic to your site.

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