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Traditional Marketing vs. Online Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs. Online Marketing

For the past few years, the debate of which is better, the Traditional Marketing or Online Advertising is a hot topic. By definition, marketing includes a wide collection of activities and strategies that deal with the pricing, selling, and distributing a product. Developing an effective marketing strategy is important in the success of any kind of business.

With the advancement of Internet and the World Wide Web, the new marketing venues have become available. Marketers in both the business-to-business (B2B) and the business-to-consumer (B2C) sectors are now taking advantage of the Internet for online marketing. Although the traditional method of marketing is still effective as they are in the past 100 years or so, the online marketing offers a new dimension in a larger scope.

Online Marketing or online advertising is very practical, especially to a small and medium sized enterprises (SME) that have tight budget on advertising. If you have limited marketing budget –say less than $1000 – that would not go a long way in traditional marketing. A 15 second TV commercial would cost you a fortune, a radio commercial might be cheaper but radio is getting obsolete these days. A space on crowded newspaper ads is not cheap either, and the readership is limited.

On the other hand, the online marketing boost the capacity of medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to compete with the big player on the market who can afford expensive traditional marketing schemes. It gives opportunity to small and medium businesses to establish their position online, and promoting their products in the global market. Search Engine Marketing or SEM had been utilizing the online marketing or advertising to boost the traffic and sales. Since, the Internet has converted the entire world into a small global village; you have the whole wide world as your market. The online marketing services are much cheaper in comparison to traditional marketing like broadcast and print ads. The concept of email marketing is quiet economical to reach a large target audience.

Tracking the reach of newspaper and television advertisements is difficult, if not impossible. But with online marketing you can easily keep the records of performance by making use of online marketing statistical tools. With it you can keep track if your marketing strategy is doing well or not.

Online marketing is an excellent tool in promoting your business, and the effect would triple if you could augment it with traditional marketing strategy once in a while.

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