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Web Design Consistency Matters

Web Design Consistency Matters

Maybe you thought that your website is a statement of your personality or a canvass that should be filled with your artistic inspiration, and maybe you are correct on that assumption. A good website must reflect the spirit of a person or a business that it represents. A good website must also be artistic enough to appeal to the visitors, but not too much. Most of the web designs nowadays favored the fresh, elegant but with less combination of colors. But no matter what you choose on your web design, always remember that site consistency matters.

Website consistency refers to the reasonable or logical harmony between each part and each pages of your website. A consistent “look and feel” on your website conveys the image of professionalism, proficiency and reliability. Nobody would take your website seriously if you have different background color and different font in every page. A site with high consistency is also much easier for the users to navigate and it is much more natural for the website user to expect the meaning of links.

From a practical point of view, it is unwise not enforce a standard look and feel on the entire website. Inconsistent web design is a nightmare in terms of maintenance. Try to imagine reconstructing or maintaining a website that has different colors, fonts, plug-ins and other web elements across the numerous of Web pages within the site. It is a total disaster!

We should always remember that a website is the mirror of the company or a person owning it. You cannot afford to have an inconsistent website that suggests clumsiness, incompetence and immaturity. On the other hand consistency on your web design promotes the sense of professionalism and professionalism builds credibility. And credibility matters, most especially if your site is into marketing. A careful attention to issues of design consistency would yield tremendous benefits.

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