Claremont Design | Web Design Issue: Color vs. No-Color
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Web Design Issue: Color vs. No-Color

Web Design Issue: Color vs. No-Color

What would make a website look professional and attractive to your visitors? Is it a design that flaunt more color or a design that possess just one or two colors? Color is a powerful tool for the web designer in influencing the buying trait. When applied appropriately, color provides many potential benefits to the overall impact of the website.

Several researches have been made with regards to the effect of color in influencing the buying behavior and task performance. The general findings of from these researches were that the use of color had positive effects on the buying behavior and task performance. Color is also beneficial for gaining greater understanding from a display or chart.

The important conclusion of those research was that mixture of colors was not universally better that those of having monochrome color. The main benefit of using color only seem to apply if the information is first provided to the user in the most appropriate presentation format. Color is use to supplement the information being displayed. If the information is displayed in inappropriate format, color has a little or no effect on improving understanding and appeal.

There are also several problems associated with using too many colors. Most of these dangers are related to technical capabilities of display and the aesthetic value of the website. Profession website designer from suggests that you limit the number of colors and where they are applied. It is also suggested that the color should be use emphasize and highlight important information and display.

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