Claremont Design | Website design Vs Website Content: Who’s The Boss?
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Website design Vs Website Content: Who’s The Boss?

Website design Vs Website Content: Who’s The Boss?

Which is more important website design or website content? This question has been debated for over decades since the advent of the World Wide Web. Some web designers think the design is more important than content, other says content is the king but others says the two should complement each other. As for me, I agree that the web design and content should go together for a quality website design. Because a good web design should be able to display the content in a user friendly and visually appealing manner.

Website design and website content are the two most important aspects in website development and it is impossible to create a quality website with giving emphasis to both. The main goal in creating a website is to make sure a free flow of traffic and successful conversion of traffic into profit. These goals can only be obtained when you build a website that is both informative and attractive.

Most of the time, when a user first enters a website he looks around to have a feel of the website, an attractive web design can hold his interest for while. Then he will start to look for information, you must have adequate quality content in your site to provide the information he needed to ensure that he stick to your site and stay with your site. More importantly the information you provide should be relevant to the niche of your site. It will not only help in improving you site’s bounce rate, but at the same time, it will also be help in increasing the search engine ranking of your site.

On the conclusion, design and content are equally important. Design and words have to work together. A good website can only be produced by utilizing a good combination of creative and user-friendly design that would showcase the relevant and informative content.

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