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At, we revolutionize your presence in the online realm by providing website solutions that draw more customers to your business. Established as a web development company in 2008, Claremont Design does more than just create attractive website designs. Although websites might visually appeal to visitors but search engine spiders need a lot more enticement. We pay close attention to the structure of website designs and formulate them according to search engines’ guidelines to produce SEO-friendly sites. provides quality web development services that include ecommerce Magneto solutions, web development using WordPress, search engine optimization, and custom programming and web design. With our professionalism and passion, we develop top-notch quality products and services that will help businesses in achieving their objectives. Claremont Design caters to the web design needs of small to medium businesses and aids them in attaining their company’s revenue goals.

The exponential rate of change in the online sphere has made it tough for businesses to remain visible for long amidst competition. For small and mid-sized businesses, the World Wide Web presents opportunities that were previously limited to big businesses- an expanded customer base and new market penetration. lets you capitalize on such immeasurable online opportunities.


Our Strength manages to equip businesses with online tools to vie in the online marketing arena. But Claremont Design’s success lies in its powerful and ingenious web design team. Claremont Design’s expert team has several years of experience in developing high quality websites.

Our programmers and SEO experts work together to build highly effective websites that can boost the success rate of your business. Even if you have zero technical knowledge regarding website design and development, our specialists would build user-friendly that can easily be maintained. We also provide continuous support to our clientele so that they can focus their time and effort on things they do best.


Our Mission

“At, we help your customers find and meet you online. Our web design consulting and ecommerce solutions help you in moving a step closer to conquering your online marketing goals. We are oriented in the right direction of providing quality web design solutions, customer and technical support services. Claremont Design builds lasting partnerships with its clients for their website needs.”


What Sets Us Apart? values its customers’ presence on the web and their success; that’s why we build high quality products and services at reasonable prices. We listen, learn and process what you have in mind and what your competition is doing and conjure website solutions that best depict your company’s strengths.

Our design not only sells your brand with its allure but also offers smooth navigation and user-friendly control features for your web visitors. We understand our client’s needs and provide them what they expect. Our team shows utmost dedication when it comes to increasing your brand’s presence online in every stage of your growth and development.

For more information on our innovative and exciting web development solutions, contact Claremont Design’s customer representatives today!